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What is the project designed to achieve?

This project is building a community of university teachers who are using online role play. We have developed a repository of sharable/reusable role play learning designs and are working towards an associated peer review process. The two year project (2006-2009) doubled the number of role play designers by scaffolding beginners and establishing national and international role play partnerships. Initially an Australia-focussed initiative, we are continuing our search for more role plays and role play designers, now world-wide.


This project covers educational role plays in Australian universities designed to increase understanding of real life human interaction and dynamics.

  • participants assume a role in someone else's shoes or in someone else's situation
  • to do authentic tasks in an authentic context
  • involving substantial in-role human interaction such as collaboration, negotiation, debate
  • interaction between roles is substantially in an online environment
  • learning outcomes are assessable and generate opportunities for student reflection

The project continued to refine the definition and decided to broaden it as shown in our Simulation Triad.