Opportunities to publish about online role play

Over the past 18 months there have been many exciting developments in the field of online role play. Existing role plays have been opened up to new players, new role plays have been developed and others are in the pipeline.

In the spirit of the scholarship of teaching and learning, EnRoLE members are encouraged to reflect on their work in the field of online role play and to disseminate the lessons learnt through professional development workshops and academic publication. A number of writing collaborations were established at the Writing for Publications Workshop held at University of Sydney in June this year. There are a number of opportunities for publication on online role play coming up in the near future and so it is now timely to progress these ideas into articles. As always, the deadlines for submissions are tight but not impossible.

The reality at present is that many journals have pre-arranged issues for the next 12 to 18 months making it difficult to gain acceptance for timely publication, particularly in international journals within the next 2 years. Those who are sucessful in being accepted often lack impact because their work is diluted by being isolated in the field. However, through the EnRoLE network, opportunity exists for publishing on online role play in the near future in amongst other themes related to the field. A critical mass of pubication in the field will assist in legitimising our work, bringing it forward for mainstream consideration.
However, it means that writing teams and individual authors need to move fairly quickly to prepare abstracts and submissions.

Please contact Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh, EnRoLE Publications Coordinator, if you have ideas or enquiries about publishing opportunities. Her email links are elyssebeth.leigh@uts.edu.au or elyssebeth@gmail.com, and mobile is 0412713060.

1. Innovate - Journal of Online Education
Special Issue on Online Simulations, Role Playing and Virtual Worlds
Submission of manuscripts by November 1st 2008

EnRoLErs are strongly encouraged to consider writing for a special issue of Innovate focusing on online simulations, role playing and virtual worlds. The special issue of the journal is being developed in cooperation with the organisers of the 5th Annual League of Worlds Colloquium to be held in Hong Kong this coming October.

Submissions for this special issue may address, but are not limited to, these key areas:

  1. Technologies used to create and manage virtual environments (tools, hardware, software)
  2. Vision for what virtual environments could be (architecture, metaphors)
  3. Teaching and learning in virtual environments
  4. Role playing and simulations
  5. Social constructivism
  6. Communication and collaboration in virtual environments
  7. Serendipitous interactions and learning
  8. Community formation in virtual environments (interaction, self-presentation, social presence)
  9. Administrative or technical support issues in virtual environments
  10. Change in virtual environments (advocacy for, dissemination and sharing of research, how change takes place)
  11. Resources for creating or supporting virtual environments
  12. Research on virtual environments in general or in support of any of the above themes

If you would like to submit a manuscript for this issue, information is available from the website (see above). Please review the submission guidelines and send your manuscript to the guest editors, Stephen Bronack, Owen Kelly, Roni Linser, and to the editor-in-chief, James Morrison, no later than November 1, 2008.

2. SimTecT 2009
June 15 - 18th 2009 Adelaide
Simulation - Concepts, Capability and Technology http://www.siaa.asn.au/simtect/2009/2009.htm
October 20th 2008 - abstracts for refereed papers.
December 15th 2008 - abstracts for non-refereed papers

Conference papers, active conference sessions, plus fully refereed ISBN registered publication.

The 2009 conference theme is Simulation - Concepts, Capability and Technology and focuses on the breadth of simulation applications. This was once a highly technical conference which has made a conscious decision to spread its wings and embrace the entire field of simulation - of which role-play is a crucial element. Introducing online role play as a simulation strategy will allow us to interact with a new audience of practitioners and researchers. At this conference our papers could focus on the ways in which online role-play can support and extend all kinds of experiential simulation-based learning. There is a fully refereed ISBN registered publication and a great need for more active sessions - such as EnRoLE is renowned for.

Elyssebeth Leigh works as papers manager for this conference and is very keen to have an active post-EnRoLE presence there. Her email links are elyssebeth.leigh@uts.edu.au or elyssebeth@gmail.com, and mobile is 0412713060. For an opportunity to experience the breadth of simulation potential for learning this conference will be an exciting one to attend

3. ISAGA 2009
June 29th - July 3rd Singapore
Learn to Game, Game to Learn http://www.isaga2009.ssagsg.org/
Possibility exists for a thematic set of papers on online role-based learning for pubication post-conference in a special issues journal.

This conference is linked to the Journal Simulations and Gaming - and it is possible to plan now and present a thematic set of papers which could then be refined as a 'special issue' for the Journal in the period after the conference.

The conference theme is Learn to Game, Game to Learn. We learn about games and simulations; and then we learn from games and simulations. The conference theme embodies this double aspect. Between the learning and the game are people and technology.

Elyssebeth is proposing to coordinate a track on the topic of 'Role-based learning environments'. We will need about 4 to 6 separate items to make it a worthwhile venture. She will contribute a session on the facilitation of role-based learning with an emphasis on 'online environments'. This conference is always a highly interactive and creative event with equal attention to theory and practice - research and application.

Elyssebeth's email links are elyssebeth.leigh@uts.edu.au or elyssebeth@gmail.com, and mobile is 0412713060. For an exciting conference with two shots at publication (there is always a conference publication usually with an ISBN, and then there's the journal afterwards) join me at the 40th Annual ISAGA conference!

More immediate deadlines:
If you have a paper well underway or are looking for an opportunity to profile a best-practice example of ICT use in experiential education, you might consider MobilizeThis 2008 coming up in October or ICEL in December.

4. MobilizeThis 2008
October 22nd - 24th Online Event Charles Darwin University
Online showcase of positive practical application of ICT in education

5. ICEL 2008
December 8th - 12th UTS
The Identity of Experience - Experiential Learning

September 8th - abstracts for non-refereed papers, workshops and papers, although some leeway may be arranged. Contact Elyssebeth Leigh at elyssebeth.leigh@uts.edu.au or elyssebeth@gmail.com, and mobile is 0412713060.

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