SCoPE is Launched!!!

SCoPE is the Situational-Learning Community of Practice, which is organised and hosted by the University of Adelaide's Situational Leaning Project. This project commenced in January 2007, and is focussing on promoting online role play and online scenario based learning across all faculties of the University and building a community of practice (SCoPE) of enthusiasts to stimulate development. For more details see

The Situational Learning Project has linked with EnRoLE because of shared goals and is promoting EnRoLE's website and activities. Members of EnRoLE are also welcome to join SCoPE and register on the SCoPE site. At the moment, the easiest way to do this is via the Situational Learning website at
Follow the links to SCoPE, register as a new user and go in and introduce yourself on the Social Forum. And of course, you are welcome to contribute to the News Forum too.

SCoPE was launched on 25 July with a Wine and Cheese seminar. Sixteen people attended representing staff from the University of Adelaide, UniSA and TAFE SA. (We also had apologies from others so we have a core of at least 20 people to "get the ball rolling".)

It was a great opportunity to share information about the Situational Learning Project at University of Adelaide, the national EnRoLE project and its activities, look at some examples of online projects and discuss what we could gain from SCoPE.

Ideas for SCoPE included:

  1. Collaborating on innovation, projects or research on situational learning
  2. Building a social network of colleagues interested in these approaches
  3. Sharing and developing ideas (Possible Forum: "I Have a Dream" or "Budding Ideas"
  4. Sharing resources eg the role plays & scenarios we build are learning objects that can be re-purposed and reused.
  5. Showcasing our work and getting feedback
  6. Meeting face to face occasionally but also having an online presence to enable people to connect and contribute.
  7. Attracting a person from each faculty who can convey information back to the faculty group.
  8. Collecting useful resources and links (Mark is sending one for starters.)
  9. Sharing information re useful software for scenarios and role play environments.
  10. Linking with EnRoLE activities - especially the August-September online program.
  11. Organising seminars on use of latest technologies in creating immersive environments for the Net and G-Generations.

News Forum

If you are interested - please post a response indicating any of the above that particularly interest you. Feel free to add to the list as well.

Social Forum

Also, use the Social Forum space to post a message introducing yourself to your SCoPE colleagues. You may like to post a photo too.

Please tell others about SCoPE and encourage them to be involved in this and the EnRoLE initiative. It increases the "critical mass" of enthusiasts needed to bring about change.

Ann Davenport, Project Manager of the Situational Learning Project
Centre for Learning and Professional Development
The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 5005

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